Asset tracking for Logistics and Supply Chain

In the logistics industry, assets travel along worldwide transportation routes. During the transit process, the supply chain can be broken by transportation delays, theft, operator errors, IT failures. 

Logistics managers often find out about delayed or misrouted assets once they arrive – if they do – at their destinations, or at the time of their planned arrival, which is too late. That results into lost productivity, delayed production and damaged client relationships, jeopardizing profits and ratcheting up cost pressure.

Today, IoT solutions leverage LoRaWAN™ technology’s long-range capabilities to monitor assets including cargo and vehicles fleet over long distances, offering flexibility, affordability, and an end-to-end view of the supply chain in real time.

From the fleet management perspective, real-time tracking of vehicles allows transport and cargo use optimization, and monitoring of proper vehicle use, and safety, by detecting rogue vehicles and cargo theft.