Smart Building for Property Management

Facilities Management companies face growing pressure to improve their estate efficiency, ensure operational continuity, and integrate legacy buildings and their systems with new facilities expansions. Accessing useful evidence-based data to make informed decisions has become increasingly difficult and unreliable, based either on haphazard manual readings or patchy point-in-time information from traditional Building Management Systems (BMS). 

IoTone solution offers alternative mechanisms to make buildings more sustainable and productive. Simple, low-cost sensor devices provide valuable real-time contextualized data: this is a connected building. 

IoTone solution putting water leaks under control

A great amount of water is being lost through leaks in the piping infrastructure. Water is becoming a scarce and expensive resource that needs to be monitored closely. Water leakage and meter reading represent two of the biggest operational costs for operators of buildings and facilities. Today, the IoTone  solution allows reducing the operational cost related to water leakage, by implementing a smart water infrastructure.  

IoTone solution improving comfort by monitoring building environment

To make commercial and residential buildings healthy, safe and enjoyable for people to spend time in, building and facility operators have to monitor air quality, humidity, temperature, and even space occupation. Not only is it an IoT trend to use environmental sensors, but also an absolute necessity. IoTone solution sensors can be used in a wide variety of applications within a building. Is the humidity in the mall too high, are meeting rooms occupied and is the CO2 level in the office still within the normal range? Use connected sensors and you will have the answers.  

Monitoring of building structure safety and integrity enabled by IoTone solution

IoT allows an inexpensive and easy way of deploying Structure Health Monitoring system with IoTone solution for monitoring a variety of safety indicators remotely and in real-time, including mechanical parameters (stress, displacement, deformation), physical (temperature, humidity) or chemical (pH, oxidation of metal). This data  allows detecting, locating and quantifying vulnerabilities early on (fatigue cracking, degradation of boundary conditions, etc.) thereby improving, the resilience of the critical infrastructure. 

IoTone solution making connected buildings secure

No building can be smart without the proper safety and security measures in place. Smart building providers stress the importance of integrating fire, security, intrusion and access control systems, as they are key components of a smart, connected building. Redundantly designed LoRaWAN™ systems based on connected IoT sensors can contribute significantly to creating a well-rehearsed alarm chain: by connecting doors and windows and emergency buttons, fire alarms, motion detection for passage calculation, and using tracking devices to locate and protect assets.