Rubbish Bin detector DF702

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The DF702 sensor is designed for waste bin (Trash Bin) status detection of waste Bin outside or inside used. It detects the following status for the customer of using place for the user: Full, Empty, Flame risk and Inclined (fall) or not (advanced version).

  • Built-in Structure (LoRaWAN)

DF702 waste Bin detector is built through the LoRaWAN Module it can monitor the status given up for the user. Dear Customer can check its Trash Bin without visit place.

Through the built in with LoRaWAN it transmits the status via gateway to networks server and application server. User can monitor the status remotely.

It is optional for different frequency, such as 470Mhz (China), 868Mhz (Europe), 915Mhz (USA), 923Mhz (Australia, New Zealand).

Due to using of LoRaWAN Module it is very low power consumption for the uploading the data of monitor the device its internal battery life is more than 3 year. (at 4 hours interval upload interval).


  • Long lifetime, As it is with algorithm of low power consumption, the internal battery can work for more than 3 years.
  • Easy to install, suitable for covered or uncovered trash cans.
  • IP66 protection level, it can still work in the case of rain and other weather conditions


Rubbish Bin detector DF702 Datasheet