Smart environment

IoTone solution enables easy and cost-effective solutions for weather conditions monitoring, flood detection, and water quality control, providing you with the data to make accurate decisions about your fields.

Remotely access real-time information about the water level in rivers and canals, the rainfall, temperature changes, wind conditions, air pressure, and humidity for your precise location. Optimize labor, water usage and crop health with the smart solution to precision agriculture.

Soil monitoring sensors deliver real-time readings of soil temperature, volumetric water content, air temperature, but also nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium (NPK) levels – directly from the field to the Internet. Smart sensors deliver data at customizable intervals, eliminating the need for manual readings. You can accurately predict optimal planting and fertilization times, reduce water usage, and minimize the plant stress that comes from over or under-watering. The sensors-based system provides the ability to detect water levels at various depths and automate irrigation valve controls.Campus gates, buildings and equipment can be protected with IoT sensors and trackers. Moreover, IoT allows improved food quality monitoring and traceability by remotely monitoring the location and conditions of shipments and products.