Smart Light

Smart cities leverage connected lights to reduce their energy footprint and cut down on maintenance costs. Lighting operators can deploy workers only when necessary instead of carrying out routine maintenance checks, and to plan maintenance operations by detecting overheating, power supply shortage and broken bulbs. 

Reduce costs and make the city safer with intelligent lighting, powered by IoTone solution. Install IoT-enabled light intensity sensors to remotely control light intensity for energy savings. Monitor and maintain street lighting networks to ensure city efficiency and sustainability, without compromising the safety of streets for pedestrians and drivers.

Smart streetlight control solutions bring a massive values. First of all, important energy savings are made, through selective on/off control and dimming. This means that some lamps can be switched off individually when not needed, while others can be dimmed to about 50% of their full capacity. This can reduce the overall energy consumption dramatically, with up to 80%, if combined with LED streetlights. The second benefit is a major maintenance cost saving through lamp and grid monitoring. A smart control system monitors several electrical parameters at lamp and grid level, anticipating and avoiding defects and providing accurate malfunction information to the technical department (detailed problem information, exact location). This eliminates the need of nightly ‘blind’ inspection and significantly improves repair times, bringing down maintenance costs with more than 40% while improving overall lighting performance.

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