People wrist-watch tracker NW117

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NW116s is a smart wristband based on LoRaWAN communication. Build in
GNSS and Bluetooth module, can achieve indoor and outdoor real-time
positioning combined with motion sensors. With wearing detection, it can
realize real-time collection of health data such as heart rate, blood pressure,
number of steps and sleep. The data will be transmitted to the platform
through the LoRaWAN Network.


  • Communication via LoRa : communication range up to 2KM line-of- sight , 500~1000M in dense urban , compatible with any LoRaWAN network.
  • Indoor &outdoor real-time positioning
  • Automatic measurements of heart rate and blood pressure : the
    measurements are made at a configured frequency and automatically
    send to the LoRaWAN network .
  • Real-time Alarm: When the heart rate or blood pressure exceeds the standard, an alarm is sent.
  • Build in pedometer, support step counting
  • SOS in emergency
  • Long Battery Life : Battery life as long as 7days @ 15mins uplink duty
    cycle, a notification is sent when the battery power falls below 10% .


People wrist-watch tracker Datasheet