Ultrasonic sensor (for river/sea/lake/pool) MBX

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The device DL-MBX enables remote monitoring of water level, fill level of tanks and silos, fill level of waste containers, presence of objects or snow level. It measures the distance between the sensor head and the target (rangefinder). The measurement principle is based on ultrasonic waves which are transmitted by the sensor and reflected back from nearby objects. Using the time of flight of the sound waves and the speed of sound (temperature compensated), the sensor computes the traveling distance and thus the distance to the object.


  • LoRaWAN®-enabled non-contact distance sensor (rangefinder).
  • Range: 5 m / 10 m; resolution: 1 mm.
  • Compatible with LoRaWAN® networks of any provider.
  • Place and measure: no setup required.
  • Configurable via command line interface and downlink command interface.
  • Unattended real-time monitoring for several years without replacing batteries.
  • Robust polycarbonate enclosure: weatherproof, impact-, UV-resistant (IP67).
  • Standard alkaline (C-type) batteries.
  • CE compliant, Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU.


  • Outdoor remote monitoring.
  • Water level monitoring in running water.
  • Flood monitoring.
  • Waste water management, sewer system monitoring.
  • Level / depth monitoring in water tanks.
  • Snow level monitoring.
  • Presence detection: car parking monitor.
  • Waste management / smart bin: monitor waste bins and recycling containers.
  • Smart agriculture: fill level monitoring in grain, fertilizer or pellets silos.
  • Irrigation ponds monitoring.


Ultrasonic sensor (for river/sea/lake/pool) MBX Datasheet