Water Leakage Sensor (Point Type) R718WA

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General Description

This device is a water leak alarm device. When the water sensor detects a leak, it will send an alarm message to the gateway. When the water sensor detects that there is no water leak again, it will send a back to normal status message to the gateway, which uses the SX1276 wireless communication module.

Main Characteristics

  • Apply SX1276 wireless communication module
  • 2 section ER14505 batteries AA SIZE (3.6V/section) parallel power supply
  • Base with magnet attached to iron objects

Example Applications

  • Engine Room
  • Warehouse
  • Smart Home
  • Archives
  • Air Conditioning
  • Semiconductor Plant
  • Data Center

Features of NETVOX Sensors

  • Wireless range of 10km *1
  • LoRaWAN Class A compatible
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Improved interference immunity
  • Improved power management for longer battery life
  • Encrypt-RFTM Security (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC for sensor data messages)
  • Over-the-air updates (future)
  • Third-Party online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system to configure sensors, view data and set alerts via SMS text and email (optional)
  • Available third-party platform: Actility/ThingPark, TTN, MyDevices/Cayenne
  • R718X series carry magnets which can be attached to ferromagnetic materials and objects


Water Leakage Sensor (Point Type) R718WA Datasheet